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ABC Quant’s solutions serve more than 440 customers in 17 countries, including investment banks, hedge fund of funds, pension funds, research houses and family offices. ABC Quant's primary product line offers all-in-one integrated solution for streamlining the management of alternative investments and multi-asset investment portfolios.



"Before selecting Risk Shell as the primary platform for alternative investment risk management and portfolio construction, we were evaluating numerous vendors. ABC Quant is the only company providing serious all-in-one quantitative frameworks for advanced hedge fund investors. Risk Shell integrates the most sophisticated risk and portfolio construction analytics developed today - combined with hedge fund due diligence, CRM and accounting. The Risk Shell unlimited custom development on-demand program makes the implementation of our own concepts extremely effective and fast." 

Francesco Cannella
Banca IMI
Hedge Funds & Alternative Investment 
Principal Investments

"At Satori Capital, we use Risk Shell to screen for new investment opportunities, generate portfolio statistics, and optimize our portfolios. I have been particularly impressed by Risk Shell’s comprehensive factor analysis capabilities, including its dynamic style analysis. Additionally, Risk Shell provides an extensive set of visualization tools making the the analytical results easier to interpret. Perhaps most importantly, ABC Quant’s support has always been extremely prompt and efficient. " 

Pedro Glaser
Satori Alpha / XL

"Risk Shell of ABC Quant was selected as the only platform to address our needs in integrating our own databases yet providing a comprehensive due diligence and risk management framework. We required a unique data structure replicating our in-house databases and, thanks to the offered custom development on-demand program, it was done fast and efficient. With advanced analytics, continuous ongoing development in improving the system, excellent maintenance & support, we can highly recommend Risk Shell." 

Juan BasconesFRM
ICR Institutional Investment Management

"Risk Shell is our platform of choice  for manager selection, risk management, portfolio construction and FoF accounting. Measuring risks and doing analysis across all these functions would be insufficient without Risk Shell.  It is definitely one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive risk frameworks available today. Risk Shell team has been a pleasure and delight to work with. They are always available to help us whenever we need their instant email advice or ask for a tutorial via web conferences. They have been also very cooperative in adding new Risk Shell features based on our requests." 

Noemi HoleczCFA
International Business Development and Risk Manager
Colombus Investment Management

"Risk Shell covers all the angles of our investment process - from manager selection and peer group analysis to portfolio construction and accounting. It is one of the most sophisticated risk management system in the market today - a must for any fund of fund manager. The support team of ABC Quant has been very helpful and prompt in addressing our questions as well as scheduling training & tutorial sessions on as-needed basis." 

Portfolio Manager, CFA
Multi Family Office, Zug, Switzerland
(references available upon request)

"We use Risk Shell for multiple tasks: manager research and selection, risk evaluation, factor and peer group analysis, portfolio construction, reporting and FoF accounting. Risk Shell is an advanced all-in one analytical platforms designed for professional hedge fund investors and multi-asset portfolio managers. Having used a number of the industry solutions out there, we found Risk Shell to be the platform that best suits our needs. Risk Shell is complemented by effective support, comprehensive training and unique on-demand custom development program."

Athanasios Kakalis
Sr. Analyst
Fix Family Office

"We have been using ABC Quant's portfolio construction and risk assessment services and are very happy with the quality and depth of research provided. From non-linear portfolio optimization, peer group analysis, stress testing, factor analysis and risk budgeting to comprehensive analysis of various allocation strategies, ABC Quant's services are efficient, professional and technologically advanced. Quant’s support is second to none."

Steve Melling
Melling Capital Management

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