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Family offices face a complex set of challenges in portfolio management, ranging from risk assessment to asset allocation and portfolio management. Although all single and multi-family offices differ, they commonly encounter two types of issues: investment technology and staffing.

Family Office Software: Unique Requirements

While the market is oversaturated with many portfolio management platforms, family office solutions have unique needs.

  • Diverse Asset Allocations, typical for high net worth families, require an analytical platform capable of effectively handling various asset classes, including alternative investments, traditional assets, real estate, and private equities.
  • Family Office Platform should cover all areas of operation and include several distinct components:
    • Asset allocation software
    • Portfolio construction software
    • Family office accounting software tailored to multi-asset portfolios
    • CRM and reporting tools
  • Data Aggregation Across Multiple Asset Classes. Because of limited in-house IT support, the family office platform should incorporate data feeds and databases of various asset classes.

Challenges in Hiring Experts

Another pressing challenge faced by family offices is the recruitment of skilled professionals in risk management and portfolio construction.

  • Specialized Knowledge Requirements. Managing diverse portfolios that include a range of asset classes require professionals with specialized knowledge in risk management, portfolio construction, and a deep understanding of various financial instruments.
  • Limited Talent Pool. Finding professionals with the right blend of financial expertise and an understanding of family office dynamics can be challenging. The talent pool for these specialized roles is often limited, leading to fierce competition among family offices.
  • Increased Demand for Expertise. As family offices continue to grow in number and complexity, the demand for skilled professionals in risk management and portfolio construction has surged. This heightened demand makes it challenging for family offices to attract top talent.

Solutions For Family Offices

To meet the specific needs of single and multi-family offices, ABC Quant provides both a tailored analytical platform (SaaS cloud based software) and a wide range of on-demand services, covering everything from portfolio construction to shadow accounting.

Risk Shell Family Office Edition

  • Diverse Asset Class Handling. Family offices grapple with the complexities of managing diverse asset classes, from traditional investments to alternative assets. Risk Shell designed to handle all asset classes, offering a unified solution for risk management across the entire portfolio.
  • Flexible custom Risk Shell configuration tailored to the specific needs of each family office.
  • A comprehensive overview of current or historical cash accounts, P/L, cashflows, portfolio exposures and redemption schedules.
  • Monitoring portfolio pre-set limits.
  • Takes into account complex legal structures and capable of managing multiple holdings - multiple master portfolios across all asset classes.
  • Institutional-grade portfolio construction and optimization tools to achieve HNWI and UHNWI goals and cashflow requirements.
  • Stress testing and What-if analysis capable of handling both liquid and illiquid assets, including alternative investments.
  • Sophisticated Analytics. ABC Quant's cutting-edge analytics empower family offices to gain deep insights into market risks, performance metrics, and potential opportunities. By providing a holistic view of the portfolio, the platform enhances decision-making capabilities and enables proactive risk management strategies.

Outsourcing Risk and Portfolio Management

  • Efficient Resource Utilization. To address the challenges of hiring in-house risk analysts and portfolio managers, ABC Quant offers on-demand services including ongoing portfolio monitoring and risk management, portfolio construction and optimization, stress testing and what-if analysis, shadow accounting and NAV calculation.
  • Specialized Expertise Access. Through ABC Quant, family offices gain access to a network of specialized experts in risk and portfolio management. This not only broadens the scope of expertise available but also ensures that the family office benefits from the knowledge and experience of professionals dedicated to optimizing investment strategies.

Comprehensive Training Programs

  • Tailored Training for Risk Managers and Portfolio Managers. Recognizing the importance of skilled professionals, ABC Quant goes beyond providing a platform and offers comprehensive training programs. Tailored for both risk managers and portfolio managers, these programs ensure that family office staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the platform's capabilities.
  • Continuous Professional Development. ABC Quant's training initiatives extend beyond the initial onboarding, emphasizing continuous professional development. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that family office staff stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and evolving best practices in risk and portfolio management.

ABC Quant family office solutions are changing the game in family office management. We provide more than just analytical software and professional services; we offer a comprehensive, all-in-one environment for single or multi-family offices.

Risk Shell Editions (Family Office)

B - Basic, UI - Ultimate I, UII - Ultimate II, UIII - Ultimate III
  BasicUltimate IUltimate IIUltimate III
  • Search filters (100+) excl. Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™
  • Global Search across multiple databases
  • Peer group analysis (Classic & Multi-statistic)
  • Risk engine for asset valuation (100+ metrics)
  • Side-by-side analysis
  • Interactive charting (2D & 3D charts)
  • Attribution Analysis (Static, Dynamic) excl. Trend Segmentation™
  • FlexiRank™ analysis (custom ranking criteria)
  • Wallets incl. the Global scope data containers
  • Report Builder (technical and design reports)
  • Custom assets incl. Portfolio module
  • Stress Testing module (models, scenarios, extreme events)
  • Portfolio What-If module
  • Return Adjustment Framework
  • Portfolio advanced correlation analysis
  • Portfolio marginal risk contribution & diversification analysis
  • Risk Budgeting
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Market-neutral portfolio builder
  • CRM Document Manager incl. email parser
  • Data management module (custom fields & data merge)
  • FoF Management (exposure, limit control & liquidity analysis)
  • FoF shadow accounting
  • Data
  • Data Feeds
  • 1 ETF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 1 HF & 1 CTA or ETF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 1 HF &  Regional OEF &
    1 CTA or ETF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 2 HF & 2 Regional OEF &
    1 Equity 
  • Available for extra fee

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