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What We Offer

Advanced analytical tools, data, accounting services and research for institutional investors

Risk Shell

All-in-one advanced analytical platform for risk management and portfolio construction of hedge fund and multi-asset investment portfolios.

FoF Manager

Shadow accounting and portfolio management tools for hedge fund of funds including liquidity, cash-flow & exposure analysis.


Over 550K instruments including hedge funds, FoF, CTA, ETF, UCITS, traditional mutual funds and global equities.

Accounting Services

FoHF accounting services during the initial implementation and on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


Risk assessment of financial instruments, portfolio construction and optimization, strategy enhancement and many more.

Custom Development

On-demand development of risk analytics, portfolio construction & optimization models - all included into Risk Shell Ultimate subscriptions.

Database Integration

Integration of client databases into Risk Shell and custom database development on-demand.


Education & Training

Client-tailored Risk Shell training programs and comprehensive risk management tutorials. Regular risk management webinars.

Quant Investment Platform


    All-in-one Platform

    Covering all the angles of a sophisticated investment process. Modular architecture to satisfy any needs.


    Global Data

    Global data coverage of all major asset classes including hedge funds, traditional funds, equities and many more.



    Advanced analytics polished over 15 years and developed by seasoned investment professionals.


    Development on-demand

    Free unlimited custom development on-demand for all Risk Shell Ultimate editions.


    Secure Deployment

    Various deployment options to satisfy institutional security requirements.



Featured Clients

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Risk Shell delivers all functional components required for an advanced investment process.

Institutional Investors

Most comprehensive Risk Shell line including all components and designed for large institutional environments.

Hedge FoF Managers

All-in-one suite for screening assets, constructing and managing robust multi-asset portfolios.

Hedge Fund Marketers

Advanced reporting and marketing tools for single hedge fund managers.


Traditional Managers

Risk analytics and portfolio construction tools for traditional assets: equity, fixed income, derivatives and swaps.

Family Offices

Risk analytics for single and multifamily offices including CRM, Document Manager and accounting tools.

Research Houses

Solutions covering every asset class and tailored for research houses, consultants and professional investors.

Due Diligence Managers

Tools for quantitative and qualitative assessment of alternative vehicles, CRM & Document Manager.

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