Fund Accounting Services

ABC Quant provides comprehensive fund accounting services tailored for fund managers and family offices. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of alternative investment and hedge funds, taking into account their specific properties such as complex redemptions, low liquidity, and hedge fund-specific equalization options.

Accounting Services for Fund Managers and Family Offices

We offer fund accounting services catering to the requirements of both fund managers and family offices. Whether you're managing a hedge fund, private equity fund, or family wealth, our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Focus on Alternative Investments and Hedge Funds

Our fund accounting solutions have been developed for alternative investments, multi-asset portfolios, and hedge fund of funds. We understand the intricacies involved in managing these types of funds, including complex redemption processes, limited liquidity, and the need for hedge fund-specific equalization options. Fund accounting can be offered either as shadow accounting or main accounting, depending on the preferences and requirements of our clients. We offer both options to provide flexibility and transparency in managing fund operations.

The distinctive aspects of our accounting process, tailored to address the unique properties of hedge funds, are outlined below.

  • Liquidity Analysis tools for managing complex hedge fund redemption scenarios
  • Cash flow projection tailored for illiquid assets
  • Portfolio Exposure Analysis tools providing real-time or historical insights into portfolio strategy or geographical exposure
  • Portfolio Limit Control module monitoring pre-set portfolio risk limits in real time
  • Custom Strategy Classification system
  • Class Manager supporting multi-currency and multiple fund classes
  • Single fund portfolios or combined positions across multiple funds
  • Complex Master-Feeder structures: single Feeder - MIltiple Masters and Single Master - Multiple Feeedr funds
  • Dynamic, Closed Period, and Incremental modes
  • Portfolio audit tools integrated with Transaction Manager
  • Reports can be run as-off and/or as-on any date
  • Fully integrated with the Risk Shell analytics and portfolio construction tools

Benefits For Fund Of Funds Managers

  • Save costs on time-consuming accounting routines and get comprehensive reports at your fingertips
  • Improve the accuracy and speed of your reconciliations by entrusting your accounting to the people who created the platform
  • Facilitate handling complex booking subscriptions and redemptions
  • Concentrate your efforts on enhancing your risk management and portfolio construction processes rather than on routine reconciliations

What We Can Do For You

  • Migrate your accounts, historical transaction and portfolios to FoF Manager
  • Provide full accounting services across all your fund of funds on an ongoing basis
  • Link FoF Manager to your Administrator to synchronize portfolio positions and update transactions automatically
  • Help you implement complex liquidity scenarios

Portfolio Management for Family Offices

For family offices, we go beyond traditional fund accounting services. In addition to portfolio accounting, we offer a complete range of portfolio management solutions across all asset classes. This includes investment tracking, performance analysis, risk management, and customized reporting to support family office investment strategies and decision-making processes.

At ABC Quant, we are committed to delivering reliable, accurate, and tailored fund accounting services to our clients, helping them effectively manage their investment portfolios and achieve their financial objectives. Whether you're a fund manager or a family office, we provide the expertise and support you need to navigate the complexities of today's investment landscape with confidence.

Investment Research On-demand

On-demand services: accounting, fund risk valuation, due diligence, and portfolio construction

Fund Risk Assessment

Risk assessment of hedge funds across a broad range of risk models tailored to alternative investments.

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Risk assessment and valuation of Hedge Fund of Funds and multi-asset investment portfolios.


Portfolio Construction

Hedge fund portfolio construction: manager selection, portfolio optimization and risk analysis. 


Portfolio Optimization

Optimization of hedge fund of funds and multi-asset portfolios across a broad range of objective functions.

Due Diligence

Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative Due Diligence on hedge funds covering all investments risks.

Style Analysis

Manager Style analysis based on multi-factor models and designed for alternative investments.


Strategy Enhancement

Strategy enhancement solutions to improve risk-return profiles of fund of funds and multi-asset investment portfolios. 


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