Software For Fund Of Funds And Multi-Manager Funds

As a hedge fund of funds manager, you need a complete set of tools to cover all the angles of a sophisticated investment framework - from screening and evaluating underlying managers to constructing robust hedge fund portfolios capable to compete with the best performing funds. Often, your role involves multiple responsibilities - a due diligence manager, a portfolio manager, an operating officer and so on. Risk Shell delivers a complete set of software solutions to provide the best fit for your firm yet to cover all the aspects of your investment process:

  • Risk Management and Portfolio Management
  • CRM, Document Manager and Due Diligence Tools
  • Accounting Software
  • Portfolio Construction and Optimization

Risk Management And Portfolio Construction Designed For Hedge Fund Investors

  • Most advanced risk analytics for hedge funds and alternative investments
  • The largest coverage of alternative investment data
  • Flexible modular configuration to fit any organizational structure
  • All Ultimate editions include unlimited custom development on-demand and Expert training & tutorial courses
  • Unlimited report customization
  • Ultimate II & III editions include in-house custom database integration

Risk Shell Editions (Institutional)

B - Basic, UI - Ultimate I, UII - Ultimate II, UIII - Ultimate III
  BasicUltimate IUltimate IIUltimate III
  • Search filters (100+) excl. Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™
  • Global Search across multiple databases
  • Peer group analysis (Classic & Multi-statistic)
  • Risk engine for asset valuation (100+ metrics)
  • Side-by-side analysis
  • Interactive charting (2D & 3D charts)
  • Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™
  • Attribution Analysis (Static, Dynamic) incl. Trend Segmentation™
  • Stress Testing module (models, scenarios, extreme events)
  • Holdings-Based Analysis module
  • FlexiRank™ analysis (custom ranking criteria)
  • Wallets incl. the Global scope data containers
  • Portfolio What-If module
  • Series Transformation module incl. FX Forwards
  • Report Builder (technical and design reports)
  • Custom assets incl. Portfolio module
  • Return Adjustment Framework
  • Index Builder
  • Proxy Builder
  • Autocorrelation analysis
  • Custom backups
  • Equity Style Box
  • Portfolio advanced correlation analysis
  • Portfolio marginal risk contribution & diversification analysis
  • Risk Budgeting
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Optimization Backtesting incl. bulk background
  • Portfolio Stochastic Simulation
  • Performance Forecasting
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Market-neutral portfolio builder
  • CRM Document Manager incl. email parser
  • Data management module (custom fields & data merge)
  • FoF Management (exposure, limit control & liquidity analysis)
  • FoF shadow accounting
  • Bloomberg integration (real-time & pre-saved)
  • Data
  • Data Feeds
  • Available for extra fee
  • Available for extra fee
  • 1 HF & 1 CTA or ETF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 1 HF &  Regional OEF &
    1 CTA or ETF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 2 HF & 2 Regional OEF &
    1 Equity 
  • Available for extra fee

Software Solutions For Fund Of Funds

Risk Shell delivers risk management, portfolio construction, accounting and CRM for institutional managers, investors and consultants

Institutional Investors

Most comprehensive Risk Shell line including all components and designed for large institutional environments.

Hedge FoF Managers

All-in-one suite for selecting assets, constructing and managing robust multi-asset portfolios.

Hedge Fund Marketers

Advanced reporting and marketing software tools for single hedge fund managers.


Traditional Managers

Risk analytics and portfolio construction tools for traditional assets: equity, fixed income, derivatives and swaps.

Family Offices

Risk analytics for single and multi-family offices: portfolio construction, CRM, Document Manager and accounting tools.

Research Houses

Solutions covering every asset class and tailored for research houses, consultants and professional investors.

Due Diligence Managers

Tools for quantitative and qualitative assessment of alternative vehicles, CRM & Document Manager.


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