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The Risk Shell Fund of Funds (FoF) Manager is a portfolio management and accounting framework developed specifically for family offices and alternative investments. Boasting advanced shadow accounting features, in-depth portfolio liquidity and exposure analysis, comprehensive cash-flow assessment, and efficient multi-currency cash management, the FoF Manager lays a solid groundwork to meet the discerning requirements of alternative managers.

Tailored For Hedge Fund of Funds

The distinct features of FoF Manager, designed to combine complex investment fund accounting software with the nuances of hedge funds, are highlighted below.

Portfolio Management And Accounting Solution For Family Offices

As the FoF Manager was developed to manage a diverse range of fund of funds and multi-asset portfolios, it proves to be an ideal tool for family offices. Nonetheless, family offices entail additional requirements beyond traditional investment fund accounting, requiring specific FoF Manager features as outlined below.

  • Multi-master - Multi-feeder support to handle complex holding portfolio structures.
  • An all-in-one platform seamlessly integrating fund accounting software, portfolio and fund management, and reporting functionalities.
  • Special transactions specific to private equity and real estate investments such as Capital Calls or Rents.
  • Custom geographic classification for tracking geographical exposure risks.
  • Transaction automation to maintain master portfolios' transactions via holding portfolios.

FoF Manager Highlights

  • FoF Manager landing page
    FoF Manager Dashboard

    The FoF Manager dashboard provides an intuitive interface for maintaining advanced accounting for multi-asset portfolios. It includes features such as portfolio blotters, transactions, accounts, NAV calculator, charting, and more.

  • Custom Strategy Classification
    Custom Strategy Classification

    The two-tier user-defined asset classification ensures flexibility in analyzing portfolio exposures within FoF Manager. Additionally, the platform supports historical analysis of portfolio exposures, providing a comprehensive view of asset trends over time.

  • Dynamic Strategy Breakdown
    Dynamic Strategy Breakdown

    Explore the dynamic strategy breakdown feature, which provides a historical analysis of changes in portfolio strategies over time.

  • Complex redemption options
    30+ Liquidity Options

    To navigate the intricate redemption terms associated with alternative investments, FoF Manager provides a diverse set of over 30 asset redemption options. This extensive range ensures a precise evaluation of portfolio liquidity, offering flexibility in addressing complex redemption scenarios.

  • Portfolio Limit Control
    Portfolio Limit Control

    The Portfolio Limit Control feature enables monitoring of pre-defined portfolio limits, such as exposure to a specific strategy, FX position/face, liquidity, and more.



  • What is Custom Category Classification?

    FoF Manager offers a function of creating user-defined manager classification systems. It supports two-level categories (strategy and sub strategy) as well as weighted multi-strategies.
  • Are multi-currency positions supported?

    Yes. FoF Manager fully supports multi-currency underlying assets. Portfolios are reconciled daily based on EOD exchange rates.
  • What are supported NAV frequencies?

    Any regular period frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) as well as irregular interval NAV entries are supported
  • Is FX forward hedging supported?

    Yes. You can hedge multi-currency positions by FX forwards.
  • Are historical portfolio evaluations supported?

    FoF Manager supports historical valuation at any given past date as well as incremental valuations between two dates.
  • Can I define multiple gate redemptions?

    FoF Manager offers over 30 redemptions terms including early redemptions and up to 3 subsequent redemptions.
  • Can I use historical portfolio NAV in Risk Shell?

    FoF Manager is seamlessly integrated with Risk Shell. Actual portfolio historical NAVs can be used across any Risk Shell components for portfolio risk analysis.
  • Can FoF Manager get data directly from our Administrator?

    Yes. We offer an option of linking FoF Manager to administrators' data feeds - as a custom development on-demand.

 "Risk Shell of ABC Quant was selected as the only platform to address our needs in integrating our own databases yet providing a comprehensive due diligence and risk management framework. We required a unique data structure replicating our in-house databases and, thanks to the offered custom development on-demand program, it was done fast and efficient. With advanced analytics, continuous ongoing development in improving the system, excellent maintenance & support, we can highly recommend Risk Shell."

Juan Bascones, FRM
ICR Institutional Investment Management

Fund Of Funds Manager Components

Accounting and Portfolio Management for Fund of Funds

Liquidity Analysis

Asset liquidity terms, redemption analysis, portfolio liquidity ladder, redemption note calendar and many more.

Limit Control

Portfolio limit control tools specially designed for alternative investments, fund of funds and multi-asset portfolios.

Strategy Classification

Tools for creating custom user-defined manager classification systems that override data vendor classifications.


Tools to support shadow accounting and manage portfolio transactions, specially tailored to alternative investments.

Portfolio Blotter

Consolidated portfolio positions, P/L, strategy allocations, valuations - all tailored to hedge FoF portfolios.

Class Manager

Tools for hedge FoF managers to support multiple share classes with different investment terms and fee structures.

Cash Projection

Cash flow forecast tools designed for hedge fund investments and supporting complex redemption structures.

Exposure Analysis

Static and dynamic portfolio exposure to various asset classes, market factors, trading strategies and industry sectors.


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