Custom Development Programs On-Demand: Risk Models

Every client is unique, each with distinct requirements that demand individualized attention. That's why ABC Quant provides an on-demand custom development program, catering to any request — whether it's developing intricate risk models or making simple feature enhancements. As part of our commitment, the custom development program is offered as a complimentary service in all Risk Shell Ultimate editions.

Key Benefits

  • Save costs on your own in-house development.
  • Easily implement and test your concepts.
  • Build a custom-tailored environment for your unique needs.
  • Profit from continuous enhancements of Risk Shell.

Key Features

  • Fast turnaround of 17 days on average.
  • Proprietary models' protection.
  • Handling any project complexity.
  • Rigorous testing phase.

Past Development Examples

  • Developing portfolio management audit system.
  • Developing a master-feeder portfolio structure to maintain multiple master portfolios.
  • Creating proprietary risk statistics based on historical stress tests.
  • Creating a recording component to save and retrieve end-user actions.
  • Creating a combination of correlation heat maps with rolling correlation charts on mouse-over.
  • Creating a derivatives back-testing component to assess the impact of derivatives on multi-asset portfolios.
  • Developing stress test constraints for portfolio optimization to incorporate RiskMetrics stress test results.
  • Adapting the Calmar Ratio statistic to evaluate instruments with zero Maximum Drawdown.
  • Developing a text converter for copying and pasting Adobe .pdf tables into Risk Shell.
  • Developing the Return Adjustment Framework to maintain multiple return series for a single instrument.
  • Creating a system to seamlessly import AIMA due diligence questionnaires into Risk Shell CRM.

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