Financial Data Coverage

ABC Quant offers multiple data sets from all major data vendors including traditional and alternative vehicles. Available asset classes and their coverage as shown below.

Traditional Vehicles

Asset classes: open-end funds (OEF) and money market funds (MMF). Geographical regions: North America, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia/NZ, Africa and Offshore.

Alternative Vehicles

Asset classes: hedge funds (HF), hedge funds of funds (HFoF) and commodity trading advisors (CTA). Geographical regions: Global (all areas), North America, Europe, Latin America, Emerging Markets and Asia.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Geographical regions: Global (all areas) and USA.

Global Equities

Exchanges: 120+ world-wide stock exchanges. Geographical regions: North America, Europe, UK/Ireland, Australia/NZ, Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, India/Pakistan/Malaysia.

Derivatives, Fixed Income and Swaps

Available via Bloomberg data feed, either in real-time or as pre-defined data sets. 


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