• All-in-one Platform

    Risk Shell covers the all angles of a sophisticated investment process.

  • Global Data

    Global data coverage of over 550K traditional and alternative vehicles across all geographical regions.

  • Expertise

    The 3rd generation of risk analytics polished over 20 years and developed by seasoned investment professionals.

  • Development on-demand

    Free unlimited custom development on-demand for all Risk Shell Ultimate editions.

  • Hundreds of satisfied customers

    Proven and reliable customer support. Tailored training & tutorial programs.


ABC Quant Story

ABC Quant is a specialist provider of risk management and investment solutions for the hedge fund industry. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Andrew Grauberg, a recognized expert in alternative investments, Quant's mission is to provide tools, services and resources for alternative investment professionals around the globe. Our goal is to leverage our long-standing expertise across all the corners of the hedge fund industry into the proven data-driven solutions meeting our clients' investment needs. Combining the latest studies in the hedge fund research areas with the practitioners' insights we offer the complete range of solutions for hedge fund and multi-asset investors. These solutions include risk management applications, asset allocation tools, portfolio optimization components, shadow accounting and due diligence frameworks. ABC Quant consists of a team of quantitative analysts, software developers, data warehousing and investment research specialists. With offices and representatives in the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Japan and the UK, Quant has established long-term relationships with leading institutions world-wide.

From Desktop Applications To Risk Shell SaaS

In 2007, we launched Quant Suite, a desktop application offering advanced analytical tools for hedge fund risk assessment and FoF portfolio composition. Quant Suite had been used by hundreds of institutional investors world-wide and, in 2013, was replaced by its successor Risk Shell.

Risk Shell, a SaaS application hosted on a private dedicated server network, presents an all-in-one platform that includes all components of a sophisticated investment process: asset screening, portfolio construction and optimization, factor analysis, stress testing, peer group analysis, accounting, CRM and many more. It employs a modular architecture and can be easily customized to meet any clients' requirements. Risk Shell incorporates data feeds from all major data vendors and offers a direct access to more than 550,000 financial instruments.

Empowering Institutional Investors

The hedge fund industry is still in its early stage. It is full of irregularities, assessment biases and methodology complications. We build products and deliver services that help people make right investment decisions. At ABC Quant, we are extremely passionate about what we do enhancing market intelligence and helping investors to create more robust yet less risky products.


Our History


Risk Shell Enhancements

In 2023, we rolled out 17 Risk Shell releases, featuring new developments such as master fund transaction automation, additions to stress test statistics, peer group stress analysis for extreme event comparison, user-defined search scopes, and various other enhancements. Check the complete list of Risk Shell releases.

Company Growth

By 2022, more than 440 clients used Risk Shell. ABC Quant's headcount: 27 people.

Risk Shell Enhancements

During 2021-2022, we had released 42 new Risk Shell releases. The most significant new features include the following: the Global Stress Test database of over 600K instruments, script recording, shadow accounting audit, multiple feeder - multiple master fund structures and many more.

Global Data Coverage

By 2020, Risk Shell incorporated over 40 databases and data feeds from major data vendors covering virtually all asset classes: OEF/AFS, Hedge funds, Private Equity, ETF, CTA and Global Equity. In 2020, we had released over 30 new Risk Shell releases continuously improving the platform.

Risk Shell Enhancements

During 2018-2019, we had released over 50 new Risk Shell releases, added the new Report Builder component, 7 new databases, redesigned shadow accounting and many more.

Client base of 380+ clients

By 2018, more than 380 clients used Risk Shell. ABC Quant's headcount: 24 people.

New Data Centers

In addition to our data centers in Canada, new data centers in Europe were established.

Client base of 300+ clients

By 2016, more than 300 clients used Risk Shell. ABC Quant's headcount: 21 people.

Risk Shell Enhancements

During the period of 2013-2016, we had released 70+ new Risk Shell releases - all based on our clients' requests. The Risk Shell data pool was expanded to over 500K instruments; added the direct real-time Bloomberg data feed.

Risk Shell Release

The first commercial release of Risk Shell

Risk Shell Development

Development of Risk Shell, the advanced cloud-based framework for multi-asset risk management and portfolio construction

Client base of 160+ clients

By 2011, more than 160 clients used Quant Suite. ABC Quant's headcount: 11 people.

Quant Suite 2009

The first commercial release of Quant Suite

Quant Suite Development

Development of Quant Suite, the .NET desktop application for hedge fund risk management and portfolio construction

Client base of 20+ clients

By 2007, more than 20 clients used Quant Platform. ABC Quant's headcount: 5 people.

Data Feed Additions

Establishing partnerships with the major data vendors (BarclayHedge, Eurekahedge, Morningstar, HFN etc.)

Quant Platform release

The first commercial release of Quant Platform

ABC Quant incorporated

Andrew Grauberg founded ABC Quant, LLC

Quant Platform

Development of Quant Platform, the Excel based set of add-ons for hedge fund risk valuation and portfolio construction

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