Custom Hedge Fund Strategy Classification

Any serious hedge fund investor is aware of numerous drawbacks of manager classifications provided by data vendors. That is why many institutions employ their own proprietary classification systems - to ensure a deeper insight into manager trading strategies and more precise assessment of risks related to these strategies. The Strategy Classification module of FoF Manager delivers a special framework for creating and managing custom manager classification systems.

Benefits For Hedge Fund Investors

  • Create custom manager classifications
  • Accurately assign manager strategies based on your own assessment
  • Easily manage multi-strategies
  • Comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements

Software Features

  • Custom user-defined 2-tiered classification system 
  • Single or multi-strategy assignments
  • Seamlessly integrated into other Risk Shell components
  • Static and dynamic strategy exposure analysis
  • Strategy exposure limit controls for fund of funds
  • Strategy Manager
    Strategy Manager
  • Custom Strategies
    Custom Strategies

Fund Of Funds Manager Components

Accounting and Portfolio Management for Fund of Funds

Liquidity Analysis

Asset liquidity terms, redemption analysis, portfolio liquidity ladder, redemption note calendar and many more.

Limit Control

Portfolio limit control tools specially designed for alternative investments, fund of funds and multi-asset portfolios.

Strategy Classification

Tools for creating custom user-defined manager classification systems that override data vendor classifications.


Tools to support shadow accounting and manage portfolio transactions, specially tailored to alternative investments.

Portfolio Blotter

Consolidated portfolio positions, P/L, strategy allocations, valuations - all tailored to hedge FoF portfolios.

Class Manager

Tools for hedge FoF managers to support multiple share classes with different investment terms and fee structures.

Cash Projection

Cash flow forecast tools designed for hedge fund investments and supporting complex redemption structures.

Exposure Analysis

Static and dynamic portfolio exposure to various asset classes, market factors, trading strategies and industry sectors.


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