Custom Deployment of Risk Shell on End-user Servers

Risk Shell delivers highest security standards in accordance to the regulatory requirements of institutional investors. It is hosted on a private dedicated server network and protected by numerous security measures including multiple firewalls and IP validation. It has been thoroughly vetted and approved by top financial institutions. However, to meet even more strict security requirements of clients demanding an exclusive Risk Shell deployment we offer tailored solutions of delivering Risk Shell as a segregated application with an exclusive access of one client only. 

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive environment available for one client only
  • Flexible hardware configurations 
  • Save costs on system management and technical support comparing to in-house maintained frameworks
  • Increased security measures: you control all Risk Shell end-users and their access privileges
  • Biometric security access control (optional)

What We Can Do For You

  • Deliver a complete Risk Shell segregated environment hosted on dedicated servers of your choice
  • Provide full technical support and maintenance of your exclusive Risk Shell platform
  • Maintain an exclusive Risk Shell configuration according to your needs
  • Develop data links between Risk Shell and your in-house databases as well as 3rd party data vendors

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