Operational Due Diligence: Hedge Funds

Designed by seasoned hedge fund professionals yet backed by the most advanced analytics for alternative investments, ABC Quant's Due Diligence on hedge funds is one of the most sophisticated systems of its kind available today. It integrates both the qualitative and quantitative elements, thus delivering the competitive advantage to institutional investors and FoF practitioners.

Benefits For Fund Of Funds Managers & Hedge Fund Investors

  • Save costs on time-consuming due diligence and get comprehensive all-in-one reports at your fingertips
  • Assess quantifiable risks: market, credit, currency, event, concentration, liquidity, volatility, and style drift
  • Assess non-quantifiable risks: operational, legal, fraud, staff background, and compliance
  • Maintain an accurate and unbiased view of underlying managers and investment candidates

Hedge Fund Due Diligence Reports At your Fingertips

  • Deliver comprehensive due diligence reports covering both quantitative and qualitative aspects
  • Evaluate manager trading strategies and run independent backtesting
  • Identify key driving factors of manager performance and run stress tests
  • Compare managers with their peers and deliver multi-statistic Peer Group Analysis reports
  • Identify not disclosed hidden assets and style drifts
  • Identify exposure to not disclosed illiquid assets
  • Due Diligence Workflow
    Due Diligence Workflow

Investment Research On-demand

On-demand services: accounting, fund risk valuation, due diligence, and portfolio construction

Fund Risk Assessment

Risk assessment of hedge funds across a broad range of risk models tailored to alternative investments.

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Risk assessment and valuation of Hedge Fund of Funds and multi-asset investment portfolios.


Portfolio Construction

Hedge fund portfolio construction: manager selection, portfolio optimization and risk analysis. 


Portfolio Optimization

Optimization of hedge fund of funds and multi-asset portfolios across a broad range of objective functions.

Due Diligence

Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative Due Diligence on hedge funds covering all investments risks.

Style Analysis

Manager Style analysis based on multi-factor models and designed for alternative investments.


Strategy Enhancement

Strategy enhancement solutions to improve risk-return profiles of fund of funds and multi-asset investment portfolios. 


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