Hedge Fund Due Diligence Software

As a hedge fund due diligence manager, your role is not only to identify winning alternative vehicles, but also to ensure a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative assessment of suggested investments. Risk Shell Due Diligence line can provide you with the tools and data you need to make an informed decision and take into account various risks involved. All editions include Advanced training & tutorial courses. The Ultimate line also offers an unlimited report customization on-demand.

Designed For Hedge Funds And Alternative Investments

  • Improve your due diligence workflow by integrating due diligence and analytical frameworks
  • Identify best performing vehicles across all asset classes
  • Compare managers against their peers
  • Rate managers in a group using your custom defined criteria
  • Create unlimited manager groups with similar quantitative or qualitative properties

Quantitative And Qualitative Due Diligence Tools

  • Seamless integration of the due diligence and analytical components
  • All editions include Advanced training & tutorial courses
  • Unlimited report customization on-demand for the Risk Shell Ultimate editions
  • Integrated industry-standard and user-defined due diligence questionnaires
  • Custom user-defined data fields
  • Due diligence status flags

Risk Shell Editions (Due Diligence)

B - Basic, UI - Ultimate I, UII - Ultimate II, UIII - Ultimate III
  BasicUltimate IUltimate IIUltimate III
  • Search filters (100+) excl. Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™
  • Global Search across multiple databases
  • Risk engine for asset valuation (100+ metrics)
  • Side-by-side analysis
  • Interactive charting (2D & 3D charts)
  • CRM Document Manager incl. email parser
  • Data management module (custom fields & data merge)
  • Report Builder (technical and design reports)
  • Custom assets
  • Autocorrelation analysis
  • Custom backups
  • FlexiRank™ analysis (custom ranking criteria)
  • Wallets incl. the Global scope data containers
  • Peer group analysis (Classic & Multi-statistic)
  • Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™
  • Attribution Analysis (Static, Dynamic) incl. Trend Segmentation™
  • Stress Testing module (models, scenarios, extreme events)
  • Data
  • Data Feeds
  • Available for extra fee
  • Available for extra fee
  • 1 HF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 1 HF & 1 CTA or ETF
  • Available for extra fee
  • 2 HF & 1 CTA & 1 ETF
  • Available for extra fee

Software Solutions For Fund Of Funds

Risk Shell delivers risk management, portfolio construction, accounting and CRM for institutional managers, investors and consultants

Institutional Investors

Most comprehensive Risk Shell line including all components and designed for large institutional environments.

Hedge FoF Managers

All-in-one suite for selecting assets, constructing and managing robust multi-asset portfolios.

Hedge Fund Marketers

Advanced reporting and marketing software tools for single hedge fund managers.


Traditional Managers

Risk analytics and portfolio construction tools for traditional assets: equity, fixed income, derivatives and swaps.

Family Offices

Risk analytics for single and multi-family offices: portfolio construction, CRM, Document Manager and accounting tools.

Research Houses

Solutions covering every asset class and tailored for research houses, consultants and professional investors.

Due Diligence Managers

Tools for quantitative and qualitative assessment of alternative vehicles, CRM & Document Manager.


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