Bloomberg Data Feed
Wednesday, October 04, 2023, 09:00am - 10:00am
Contact Chris Bartlett, Paul Silverberg

Working With Bloomberg Data Feed in Risk Shell


Working with Bloomberg data. Getting holdings data from Bloomberg. Holdings-Based Analysis using Bloomberg data.

In addition to over 550,000 financial instruments available via Risk Shell databases, Risk Shell also incorporates a direct Bloomberg real-rime data feed thus enabling an instant access to millions of Bloomberg financial instruments. This tutorial explains how to use the Bloomberg data feed and include Bloomberg instruments into multi-asset portfolios or use them for the Holdings-Based Analysis.  

Bloomberg Data Feed in Risk Shell

  • Bloomberg data licensing: the Enterprise Data License - how it works.
  • Risk Shell Bloomberg module, its setting and controls.
  • Single and batch data modes.
  • Automatic and manual updating of Bloomberg data.

Using Bloomberg Data For The Holdings-Based Analysis

  • Bulk uploading of underlying holdings with the Bloomberg Data feed.
  • Multi-currency portfolio considerations.

Potential Audience

Institutional portfolio managers, hedge FoF and multi-asset portfolio managers, risk managers, CIOs, advanced family offices.

Location online
Live control of Risk Shell applications via GoToMeeting and/or Webex.
GMT time zone - morning session. UK & Europe.
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