Hedge Fund Databases and Financial Data | Risk Shell Training

Risk Shell incorporates numerous financial databases and data sets covering hedge funds, hedge fund of funds, long only funds, CTA, equities, ETFs, and Global Indices - over 550,000 instruments totally. Furthermore, it offers a direct Bloomberg data feed, thus greatly expanding the universe of available investment vehicles. The scope of Risk Shell data is not limited to vendor-provided data sets - users can easily create and maintain their own databases within the Risk Shell environment, the so-called virtual custom databases. We offer special tutorial courses, dedicated exclusively to Risk Shell data.

Risk Shell Databases: Working With Hedge Fund Databases

  • Comparing hedge fund databases: find the best one to fit your requirements.
  • Global and local data scope. Working with Global wallets.
  • Merging data across different hedge fund databases and eliminating duplicates.
  • Asset Return Adjustment Framework: cloning portfolio assets and adjusting return estimates manually.

Risk Shell Databases: Working With Long Only Funds and Equities

  • Creating global multi-asset portfolios.
  • Working with large long only fund databases

User-defined Virtual Databases in Risk Shell

  • Creating and managing custom databases and user-defined data fields.
  •  Merging custom dtabases with vendors' data sets.

Bloomberg Data Feed in Risk Shell

  • Working with Bloomberg real-time data feed. 
  • Bulk data downloading and populating underlying holdings (Holdings-Based Analysis mode).