Training and Tutorials for Advanced Hedge Fund Investors

The Expert category of the ABC Quant's training programs includes advanced risk management and portfolio construction topics, controversial trading techniques and the best industry practices - all tailored to hedge funds and alternative investments. Our past Expert webinars were dedicated to various topics as outlined below.

Advanced Risk Management and Portfolio Construction for Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds

  • Using RiskMetrics Holdings-Based Analysis stress testing data in Risk Shell portfolio optimization.
  • Uncorrelated returns and market neutral portfolios - how to build a prefect fund of hedge funds.
  • Stress Testing battle: the Elastic-Net vs. Stepwise regression vs. Akaike information criterion (AIC).

Hedge Fund Risk Management: Myths and Realities

  • Tactical Asset Allocation - why it cannot be used for Hedge Funds.
  • How to spot the Madoff's fraud using Risk Shell in 10 minutes.
  • Style Analysis for hedge funds - why the traditional returns-based style analysis used by Sharpe (1992) cannot be applied to hedge funds.