Training: Accounting Software For Fund of Funds and Multi-asset Portfolios

Risk Shell Fund of Funds (FoF) Manager delivers a comprehensive accounting framework designed specifically for fund of funds, hedge fund of funds, multi-asset portfolios and alternative investments. The FoF Manager tutorial program covers multiple topics explaining you how to integrate portfolio management and shadow accounting into the risk management workflow, how to set up accounts, run portfolio liquidity analysis, get P&L and transactions, and many more. Our experienced  consultants will help you set up industry standard accounting for hedge funds of funds and manage all FoF Manager components: Liquidity and Exposure Analysis, Portfolio Blotter, Class Manager and so on.

Introduction To FoF Manager - Shadow Accounting For Fund of Funds

  • FoF Manager modules and components. Integration of Shadow Accounting with the Risk Management software for Fund of Funds.
  • Special tools designed for hedge fund of fund managers: portfolio liquidity analysis, portfolio exposure analysis and portfolio limit controls.

How To Set Up Accounting For a New Fund of Funds: Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Setting portfolios, unit classes and accounts.
  • Working with multi-currency funds.
  • NAV and unit prices, working with irregular return frequencies.
  • Basic transactions, setting subscriptions and redemptions.

Fund of Funds Portfolio Management: FoF Manager Tutorials

  • Portfolio limit constrols, how to set them up and use.
  • Working with the Portfolio Blotter.
  • Fund of Fund aggregated positions.

Portfolio Liquidity and Exposure Analysis Software - a Practitioner's Guide

  • Liquidity settings to describe complex hedge fund redemption scenarios.
  • Portfolio Exposure Analysis: setting user-defined manager classification.
  • Working with Liquidity Ladder charts, redemption calendars and cash flow projections.