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Are crypto assets in a financial bubble? Can investment risks associated with crypto funds be managed and reduced? Is it possible to determine the intrinsic value of crypto assets? Let's delve into these questions and uncover the answers.

Is Dubai witnessing a notable surge in hedge funds relocating or establishing their base in the region? What are the best hedge funds operating in Dubai? How do these hedge funds stack up against their peers in the emerging market strategies? Let's find out.

Exploring the unique challenges that small family offices face in managing portfolios and assessing investment risks. We will be focusing on two problems: selecting right investment managers to handle highly diversified multi-asset portfolios and choosing a right investment platform.

A sophisticated hedge fund due diligence framework should assess all applicable risks – not only their non-quantifiable segment. Our proprietary due diligence routine includes evaluation of the complete range of risk categories: Market, Liquidity, Volatility, Concentration, Strategy, Currency, Operational, Legal and Fraud risks.


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